Cutting Edge Medical Care

About PHC

Pediatric Heart Center is a community – oriented medical practice delivering subspecialty healthcare to the central and southern California Region.

The practice focuses on the diagnosis, management & treatment of children born with heart disease.

Information Technology

The Pediatric Heart Center’s central focus is to maintain its forefront status in delivering health care information to its patient members and to medical institutions. The Pediatric Heart Center’s aim is to establish standards for community sub-specialty organizations, integrating and cooperating with trends of health care.


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  • Coordinated Care Services
  • Paperless Office
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Medical Cardiac Home

Pediatric Heart Center’s Medical Cardiac Home allows for coordinated, longitudinal care for our more complicated patients. The foremost goal is to ensure that our chronic patients have full access to healthcare systems and social programs to attain the highest quality of care possible.

Team members includes an on-staff pediatric cardiologist, clinical coordinator, and registered nursing staff. The team collaborates with each other to unify clinic visits, outside referrals, and socioeconomic factors/programs to ensure patients and family maximize available patient resources.

Parents are encouraged to use our team resources to address any health concerns, and as well as a guide for navigating complicated systems such as insurance, social security, and California Children’s Services. We encourage parents to partner with us to best identify specific-needs of their child, to maximize the medical home experience.

The Environment

The Pediatric Heart Center is mindful of its role to reduce its footprint on the Earth’s ecosystem. From its inception, the Pediatric Heart Center continues to reassess its impact to minimize seen and unseen harm it may cause to our planet. The Pediatric Heart Center prides itself on paperless electronic medical records since its opening date, continues to strive for paperless administrative offices, paperless communication to referring providers and outside medical institutions, and electronically-connected satellite offices. As the Pediatric Heart Center continues to grow, it will continue to center itself environmentally-neutral.