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Cardiac Testing


An echocardiogram is a safe, non-invasive, and effective way to assess the structure and function of the heart. An ultrasound probe sends sounds waves through the chest and abdomen where warm ultrasound gel has been applied. These sound waves create images on a computer screen that a doctor reads. This pain free test takes about 15-25 minutes. It is an important test for diagnosing congenital and acquired heart disease including coronary anomalies for sports clearance.


Fetal echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the unborn baby’s heart, performed as early as 18-22 weeks of pregnancy. Earlier detection greatly improves treatment options like surgery, if needed. It also gives parents time to tour the facility and meet with the people that will be involved in the care of their baby, before the baby is born.


Electrical activity of the heart is picked up with the help of stickers applied to the chest. This test is important for detecting abnormalities of the heart rhythm and gives clues towards heart disease.


Holters and event monitors are small devices, about the size of an iPod, that a patient wears. Holters record an EKG continuously over 24 hours while an event monitor records as needed over 21 days. They are key to capturing heart rhythm and rate abnormalities.


A stress test is performed to check the response of the heart to exercise. We use a treadmill or stationary bicycle to perform the test. Stickers are applied to the chest to record the EKG during exercise. Besides using the test for cardiac diseases, we also use it for diagnosing exercise induced Asthma.


A tilt table test is done for diagnosing dysautonomias and unexplained causes of syncope. The patient is comfortably secured to a horizontal table and stickers are applied to the body. The patient is then slowly elevated until they are upright. Measurements are taken of the heart response as posture changes.

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